About I Am Decals

I Am Decals was born out of a simple idea to combine icons for different interests into one nice-looking decal. After months of prototyping and iterating with user feedback, it was decided that we had something unique here. Sort of like those stick-figure families you see on the back of cars, but about your interests and hobbies instead of your family.

From there it was a matter of building out the library of icons to provide a minimal set of choices for anything a person might be interested in. At first, we planned on about 300 icons, but once we got going, we found many holes in that original list, and thus we now sit at over 900 icons. That list is still growing, and will continue to grow. Most of the icons were designed by the founder, Nate. Some were licensed from Icon foundries, and others were designed by contracted graphic designers. We're always taking ideas for icons to expand the collection with!

Quality has always been a high priority, but fast fulfillment times were also a concern. Both were solved by having all production in-house, from the cutting of the vinyl to prep and shipping. Even apparel is made entirely in-house from a stock of blank t-shirts. The result is our guarantee of shipping out your orders within 1-3 business days. Usually next-day.

We researched many different kinds of vinyl and decided on the industry standard Oracal 651 intermediate calendared vinyl. This great vinyl is rated for 6 years of durability outdoors, won't fade from UV exposure and is easy to work with. We also don't skimp on the transfer tape, and use RTape Clear Choice AT75 air-egress high tack clear film so that application is as easy and hassle-free as possible.

We prep all orders with precision so that the backing paper and transfer tape are square and uniformly positioned. We also prep the backing paper with little tabs you can remove to help with temporary positioning, and for longer collections, we split the backing paper so you can apply middle-out. All of those measures make for the easiest and most foolproof application process possible, resulting in a decal that will be great looking for years.

Applying your decal is super easy, and every decal includes both an instruction sheet with illustrations as well as a plastic squeegee applicator for decals with 2 or more icons. However, we know that sometimes things happen, and it may not turn out the way you wanted. We're more concerned with your satisfaction, and making sure you have your decal exactly how you want it, so that's why we created the "I Am Forever" guarantee. A lot of people told us we were crazy, but we think it's important. It sucks to spend time getting your collection just right, then have something go wrong when applying, or accidentally scrape it off with the ice-scraper, or even just get a new car. So don't worry about it, we have you covered, and will send you a new one completely free.

For the website, no existing e-commerce platform existed that allowed for building of collections like we wanted. So we developed the site from scratch with our particular needs in mind. This took a lot of extra time and effort, but it was worth it, and we have a solid base to build off of for the future.

We hope you have fun building a collection, and we look forward to seeing what icons you choose.